Returning Clients

Before I dive too deep into their gorgeous day, let me first get out of the way that these two are some of my favorite people. They were my first ever clients when I opened my business, back when they just started dating. They have been repeat clients over the years, from when they started dating, to holiday cards with the fur babies, to their engagement photos, and now their wedding.

Reschedules & False Starts

Like so many couples the last few years, these two had so many unexpected issues come up. So many dates changed, venues moved, and last minute changes. Imagine my surprise when I get an unexpected message saying they had to move their date again, and rain or shine, that was the date! How in the world these two didn't lose their minds and throw in the towel months ago, is beyond me. Thankfully, where there's a will, there's a way!

The Big Day - Finally!

I fully admit, I was half expecting something to come up; some new restriction they had to follow, an unexpected illness; something else to throw them through a loophole. I was un edge every day leading up to these two finally getting to say, "I do". Thankfully, they made it down the aisle with only the usual last minute issues.

Celebration Time

These two were the very definition of DIY. They coordinated everything for their day themselves, and it was such a joy to see their hard work pay off. Here's to being there for many more years in this special couples lives together.

Congrats, Alyssa & Matt!